Triangle Elementary Welcomes Shyann!

Triangle Elementary Welcomes Shyann!

Yeah! I get to perform for two audiences at Triangle.

Mrs. Lisa Heisel, Principal at Triangle Elementary, invited me to perform twice for her wonderful student body. Each audience was approximately two hundred students. Initially I started with the older children in second and third grades. For the next presentation, I performed for the little darlings in Kindergarten and first grades. The students were so enthusiastic, payed attention well and followed directions. I guess that’s why their motto is “Triangle students, they’re great!”

I arrived at Triangle School to set the stage on Wednesday February 23, 2011. Needless to say, I was fired up and ready to perform my message of cultural diversity and acceptance through my book “It’s Your Birthday Shyann!” Everybody get ready to put your hands up!

Mrs. Heisel prepared the students for her guest in celebration of Black History Month. After a very kind introduction, she asked the students to welcome me to the stage.

The students listened intently, learning about Shyann and her friends from Hawaii to China.

But soon it was time to “Party,” and get involved. It was time to show the students all the things that they have in common.

We showed unity through the common them of celebrating birthdays. I taught them about cultural birthday traditions and gifts. And we laughed the whole way through.

I introduced them to my song, “Change the World Shyann!” We danced together as the melody boomed through the speakers. Afterward, I informed them of the “Change the World YouTube Talent Contest.” I explained that we were looking for singers ages 5 to 15 to enter and I look forward to hearing from them all.

Thanks volunteers! You were an excellent part of the show. Students pose with Mrs. Heisel and I after the first performance.

The next group was the Kindergarten through first grade. They were so adorable! Enjoy the rest of the photo gallery of K-first graders.

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