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Shyann I Am


Author: Cassandra Hill

Cassandra Hill is a native of South Carolina. She holds a BA and an MA in the field of Speech Language Pathology. Cassandra wants children of all nationalities to learn more about each others culture through the celebrating of international birthday traditions.

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Shyann I Am is a wonderfully entertaining, poetic book that takes children on a voyage to an imaginary filled dreamland of fantasy and fun. The characters in this story are so unique in that they have a distinct personality that makes children want to get to know them better. The friendship of story book characters and the child is solidified by the very simple act of reading and turning the page. This story is sure to grab children everywhere by the shirt collar of their imagination. Children will absolutely love meeting Shyann, Shaddrock, Shimmy, and Izard the Wizard who just happens to be a big slimy Lizard!


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