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It’s Your Birthday Shyann!


Author: Cassandra Hill 

Cassandra Hill is a native of South Carolina. She holds a BA and an MA in the field of Speech Language Pathology. Cassandra wants children of all nationalities to learn more about each others culture through the celebrating of international birthday traditions.

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Shyann, a mystical Egyptian cat, is having a birthday party and you’re invited! Join her as she welcomes her guests from Hawaii, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Kenya and China. Her friends will teach others how to say “Happy Birthday” in eight different languages. They will share cultural birthday traditions, foods, dances and gifts. Shyann wants a diverse group of friends to embrace and accept their cultural differences all around the world through the sharing of one global commonality, the celebrating of one’s birthday. This little book includes brilliant illustrations of countries and their flag representations. It’s Your Birthday Shyann! has a message that is a must have for every home and classroom. Get your copy and help spread Shyann’s favorite quote, “MEOWW,” which means “Multicultural Education Operating World Wide.” You’ll be glad you did.


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