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It’s Your Birthday Shyann!

Simply Stacie

I utilize a lot of creative books in our home school curriculum and our recent favorite is It’s Your Birthday Shyann! by author and illustrator, Cassandra Hill. This children’s picture book features a birthday party celebrated with guests from around the world including Hawaii, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Kenya and China. It teaches children (and me) how to say “Happy Birthday” in eight different languages. Continue reading the review on Simply Stacie website.

Stories For Children (SFC): Families Matter Blog

How do you teach young children about cultural diversity and differences? By writing a picture book with delightful illustrations and fun characters celebrating a common event…a birthday. Continue reading the review on SFC blog website.


An Egyptian cat has pink fur, a colorful party hat and friends from around the world.

In this second book from author/illustrator Hill, Shyann celebrates her birthday. Her friends join Shyann and in the process teach readers simple birthday greetings in their native languages, along with birthday customs from their homelands. Daisy from Hawaii brings a calabash and a grass skirt and teaches Shyann the hula dance. A Brazilian guest, Martha, wears a flowing blue dancing dress and brings homemade fruit-shaped candy and paper flowers. Juan visits from Mexico and brings a Piñata in the shape of a bull, filled with surprises. Continue reading the review on KIRKUS website.