Overlook Elementary Gets Twice the Charm!

Overlook Elementary Gets Twice the Charm!

On October 1, 2010 Overlook Elementary School’s principal, Ms. Ingrid Williams, invited me back to read and perform It’s Your Birthday Shyann! to the whole K-2nd grade population. It was my second stop on a day where I would present Shyann to three elementary schools in the metro area in preparation for the upcoming Capital Book Festival that would be held at Borders Books in Largo, MD.

The uniform clad students sat quietly until the curtains opened and I gave them the cue that they could go a little crazy! Meeting Shyann requires children to clothe themselves in their most festive spirit. They are encouraged to reflect on birthday celebrations of their own and recall how happy it makes them feel. With that mindset established, it’s time to meet Shyann and learn about different cultural birthday celebrations. Why? Because a birthday is something we all have in common and it’s something we all can relate to. It’s an opportunity for children to celebrate each other and realize how much they are alike.

We finished the presentation with a quick game of “Copy Cat” to further establish how they can do things alike and have fun doing it.

My musical CD featuring “Change the World Shyann!” billowed through the auditorium adding the perfect melodic accent as we danced and copied each others moves. And the best part about it is that everyone joined in because they were having so much fun. Take a look at the pictures, that include the teachers! Thanks Overlook students, teachers and staff for being so welcoming. Shyann and I had a wonderful time!


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