Change The World Shyann!

Change The World Shyann!

Change The World Shyann is a song inspired by the books: Shyann I Am and It’s Your Birthday Shyann! Join the books author and illustrator Cassandra Hill in changing the world. She is inviting choirs, singers and citizens of all ages to sing “Change The World Shyann” and share it with their friends and family. Read Cassandra’s books about Shyann and help unify the world.

As a person deeply rooted in social good and activism, Cassandra is donating 50% of every “Change The World Shyann” song sold to the following organizations:

Hope With A Vizion
Charity: Water
Pencils of Promise
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Why Not You Foundation

To help Cassandra change the lives of those in need, go to “Change The World Shyann” product page, select an organization and download the song for $2. A dollar will be donated to that organization. 

The Purpose of #ChangeTheWorldShyann! A Five Minute Essay 

In this “instant” gratification society that we have collectively created or developed through social media, I am sure that someone will have an instant judgement of what I am going to say one way or the other. This is a good thing because it allows a conversation to take place. I want to say what is on my mind in such a way that people know and understand what is in my heart. What I don’t want is the powers that be to shut me down because they don’t know who I am… yet. Because I’m not a big celebrity for my voice to be heard instantly. But, I’ve knocked on the doors of opportunity for years and have been unheard and some would say silenced. To that door, I’m done knocking. I’m walking through it. And if by some measure I am unable to walk, then I’ll crawl until my version of an uplifting message of peace, love and equality makes it and stands on its own. Until it is heard, until it is seen, until it is felt like a beautiful early morning dawn at daybreak. I pray this message, my message makes you smile. 

My goal is to highlight our likenesses as a people and a society in such a way that it is palpable. I would like to denounce the rhetoric that would say otherwise. Denounce those that would say that we can’t be a people who can coexist in love, peace and harmony. Which side of the line of right do you fall on? And how far will you go to promote your message? Will that message uplift and inspire? I hope so.

My goal is to show children how to create friendships that will enrich their lives, that are uplifting, that are joyful, that are memorable and that are lasting through multicultural education. My books do that. My song does that. Join me in what will be a legacy of love, one love, one voice, collectively creating an importance and urgency of all of us to build a bridge and bring forth a society that says “I’d rather live in a world and in a community of peace makers.” That is taking history forwards, not backwards. By doing so, we create a neighborhood with an endless well of water from which we can draw forth the peace and understanding among all of Gods children. We are all of His children. This I know for sure.

cassandra-hill-first-typewriterI am willing to promote tolerance in this day of social movements and empowerment. That’s exciting! I am the daughter of a 100% service connected US Air Force “Veteran” of the Vietnam War. I grew up as a product of what military schools on military bases provided. Those schools no longer exist and I would like to show how impactful the performers were when performing artists came to our schools. I wanted to be that at the age of seven, and I knew that. I wanted to be a writer. Mother purchased a typewriter for me at the age of seven and taught me to type. And she said, “You can be anything you want to be.” She planted that seed and nurtured it. I would like to be a guest performing artist at Charter schools, Public schools and in educational institutions around the world in order to help children all over the world come together in this multicultural society to promote multiculturalism. I want them to sing my song Change the World Shyann!

If you’d like to know, I am against racism, ageism, sexism, and classism. As a Black woman, I’ve known and met racism. Underwhelming. I don’t understand evil, but I know it’s out there, existing, breathing, and howling like the wind does on a scary stormy, and “merciless” night. My goal is to be the light, the antithesis of darkness. My mother taught me that tolerance is still primary and to strive to be the best me that I can be regardless of social ills and injustice. My job really is to concentrate on all that is good, all that is joyful, all that is peaceful and watch the wall of social barriers break down because of it. I’d like to create a peace rally that people will say, “I’ll come to that.” To them I SAY, “Let’s have a party.”

Shyann does that. And anyone can truly see that Shyann is really me. This is my moral compass and I want my pendulum to swing wide across this country that I love until it reaches around the world in a song. The sooner we learn to coexist, the sooner this world becomes what it is supposed to be, jubilant.

I want people to tell me that “I tried it,” that “I said it,” and ultimately that, “I did it.” #ChangeTheWorldShyann! well represents what is in my heart and it’s a campaign to find out what is in your heart. #ChangeTheWorld:______you fill in the blank. I want to see your light and how magnificent it will shine to change the world and what your creation is going to be.


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