Camp Curtin Gets a Glimpse at the Capital Book Fest Authors

Camp Curtin Gets a Glimpse at the Capital Book Fest Authors

On September 17th, the students of Camp Curtin Elementary school were treated to a visit from two real live authors featured for the up and coming Capital Book Fest on September 18, 2010. I was delighted to be one of the featured author’s for authoring and illustrating It’s Your Birthday Shyann! But the second featured author, Mr. JZ Queen, was once a student at Camp Curtin Elementary. How fitting was it for him to return and introduce his book The Cool Way to Start Your Day.

The older students of Camp Curtin rallied to help me set up onstage leaving me enough time to interview with the local news Channel 27 which is Harrisburg, PA’s ABC affiliate.

Soon it was showtime and the children really embraced Shyann and got a glimpse of what was to come at the Capital Book Fest to be held at the State Museum of Pennsylvania. The children were slightly older but their laughter and their enthusiasm was the same for Shyann.

They too learned that all students are more alike than they are different. They were encouraged to make friends with children from different cultures and backgrounds. They learned how to say “Happy Birthday!” in eight different languages and giggled through each phrase. They didn’t miss a beat as the danced to my musical CD, “Change the World Shyann!”

Students were encouraged to lead the rest of their peers in dances they made up. And as my song encourages children to change the world, I’m hoping these leaders of tomorrow will change the world for the better.

Soon after, JZ and I took pictures with the principal, Mrs. Wright, and thanked her for allowing us to come and share the importance of reading and cultural diversity with her student body.

Lastly, I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Buckner, a community parent who also works with Harrisburg’s Community Support Services. “We’d love to have you back for some other family oriented events.” God willing, it will be so.


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